Day 109 (Wed April 19)

One of my favorites yet, a simple sketch of Ellis. Sans freckles, I just realized. Uniball Deluxe Micro pen, (the best, most affordable purchase I’ve made this year, if you are looking for a useful drawing tool, check out this link!) and Strathmore 400 watercolor journal.


Below I tried it with a japanese brush pen I have. I did not like the look much, although it looked kind of charcoal-isa which is fun… AND it smeared. Ugh. Also it turned out the ink is VERY NOT waterproof. Like, might as well just be black watercolor paint. Water completely re-activates it. But more on that tomorrow.

I considered it a ruined page. Then turned it into something cool. (-ish) Which I will show you tomorrow!! Can you guess what?



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