Day 110 (Thurs April 20) mermaid Ellis

With freckles this time. A few extra. So, I took the ruined drawing from yesterday


and (since it was ruined anyway) just played with it. I used very shimmery silver and copper paints found here on Amazon (the popular Gansai Tambi paint set) (These paints, by the way, have really large pans, if the tiny half pans of other paint sets intimidate you the way they did me… and the paint is vivid and beautiful. I like the convenience and brightness of my prima better, but I really enjoy these quite a bit, if you are looking for an affordable fun set and you really don’t care whether they are professional grade or not.) When seen in person the shimmery effect of the paint on her skin, hair, crown, and scales is very fun. The shine isn’t apparent in a still photo. The ink smeared dreadfully when touched with water or purple paint, but the shimmery colors (the set only includes 3 or 4 shimmery colors) didn’t let it run quite as much. Sort of a controlled run. In the end I liked the smeared ink and used it, and I’m really happy with my whole mistake. I think she’s adorable.


Purple Mermaid Princess Ellis.



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