Day 113 (Sun April 23) Hmmmbug!

Our little Beetle in our freshly cleaned garage. Minus the other car. My Beetle likes her alone time. This is using my Daniel Smith watercolors (in my Meeden palette! More about that below) in a new tiny book, a Stillman & Birn beta series mixed media journal, 5×3 inches. This book is small enough to fit in my bag that holds my phone and cards and not much else. I thought it might be TOO small but I liked working in it and really like the weight and feel of the pages. I’ve read good things about this company and think I’ll really love these books. This book is nice… great paper, lays flat for working, very white, heavy pages. Still… I think I’ll go the next size up as well and save this for taking out places.


Regarding the Meeden palette… I mentioned this one the other day and still adore it. For the price it’s a bargain and I plan to get the larger one, too. But I wanted to mention differences… I purchased the Sennelier 18 half pan set (at a GREAT price, imo, by the way.. shop around a bit. I’ll talk about these paints another day) and they are in a similar tin. Differences… the sennelier tin is a truer white, great for mixing colors on. The sennelier tin keeps paint from beading as you mix it, which is nice. (the meeden will probably work itself out over time, I’d guess…), and the sennelier lid lays flatter, as opposed to the meeden, which has one side that slants up, making it difficult to mix on that side. I can push it down, I just don’t want to break it.

I had said before I didn’t know what the differences were, so I wanted to clear that up here. I still love the meeden and think it’s a tremendous value. Definitely my choice for an empty metal palette, and I plan to buy the larger one as well. The differences are visible and clear but not terribly important.  But if the two palettes were both empty and the same price (which isn’t the case!!) I’d get the Sennelier. It IS nicer.



2 thoughts on “Day 113 (Sun April 23) Hmmmbug!

  1. Can I make a request? You keep talking about all these pallets, and I’m not sure what you are talking about. Can you do a post where you show, and label, all the stuff you use? The pallets, brushes, paints, whatever else you use. I know I’d really love to see what you are talking about. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was new to this painting thing. Or, maybe I’m calling items by other names. Not sure. Thank you!

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