Day 131 (thurs 5/11) peacock watercolors

All I did was color in my peacock! I started off with watercolor pencils, activated them, and wasn’t satisfied, so then switched to paints. I have a new palette I got for $10 on Amazon which I had previously only seen for much more. I put all my Daniel smith and m graham and Qor colors in, labeled and swatched them, and went to town (so to speak) I’m having trouble with my wordpress account… it won’t let me edit or post from my computer, only my phone! (Anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution????!) so I HOPE I’m providing a link to the palette here, but not really certain. To be honest, I almost didn’t order it because I like my metal palettes so much… but I really REALLY like it!!! And it was less than half the cost I’d ALMOST purchased it at previously. (There’s blue also for ten cents less if you can’t stand pink. I like the pink 🙂 The lid shuts and makes it airtight, and the inside cover has a clear insert, so you can either have three very generous mixing areas, or two, and keep your paint swatch paper beneath it like I’m doing. I don’t like my other plastic palettes because the paint beads up while I try to mix but this surface has been created in such a way that it doesn’t do that!!! It really works very well. If the link didn’t work properly, I will do another post just about the palette.

Mijello fuschia 18 well airtight paint palette

The gold paint I used is from that Gansai Tambi set.. very opaque and very shimmery.


3 thoughts on “Day 131 (thurs 5/11) peacock watercolors

    1. Thank you! To be honest after I painted it I stared at it and thought “Oh… I will leave it black and white next time.” But this morning upon seeing it again, I liked it! The Daniel Smith paints are so nice.


      1. Sometimes you have to step away from something to see it clearly. That can mean looking at it another time, or looking at it from a different angle/distance.

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