Day 207 (wed 7/26) supply bonanza. And paints!

Woo-hoo!! Stuff. Lots of little stuff. No art created today, but lots of time spent watching painty how-to videos, and organizing my palette (adding my new Qor high chromos set in)  I get a monthly subscription box from ArtSnacks, and they had some of the past month’s boxes half price, and free shipping. I ordered three, giving me a paint brush and some watercolor pencils I was interested in trying, and a full sized Qor paint tube, all less than retail price, plus all the other items basically free.

No time to do more than organize my palette, though (and swatch the paints out)… I’m inordinately slow at that. I removed the piece that holds the paint pans and put magnets on the bottom of the pans, fitting 39 pans instead of 24. All the Daniel Smiths and all the Qor paints (which I’m really looking forward to trying out!) I’m not sure I really like the palette box without its insert. But I do like having all the paints in it and also like being able to remove a few to use on a project. I have my eye on a big ceramic palette pan that stays out on the table. (How many palettes do I need to try??)

Some nice tools here I’m interested in using!


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