Paint Nite! Acrylic flowers

Last night I went to a Paint Night event at a local pizza place, Spaghetti Eddie’s. (First… I hadn’t been there for a while, and may I say the pizza was fabulous. Yum.) We all painted our own version of the same flower under the direction of the event coordinator, Makayla.


Being someone who has trouble coming up with ideas, I’m teaching myself to paint by copying others, and I was surprised by how varied our paintings were. My scope of imagination is narrow when it comes to painting (so far) and it is hard for me to go outside the lines, so to speak. But it wasn’t hard for any of my family! I think these four together on a single wall would make a beautiful grouping!

If you haven’t tried Paint Nite, I recommend it, whether you have ever painted before or not. It isn’t about the finished product, it’s really about enjoying yourself. It’s a fun, relaxing evening.

I decided to hang mine, at least temporarily! I hope they all did. 🙂




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