playing with phthalo green

Just doodling tonight, trying to see how many shades of green I can get mixing phthalo green with the other colors in my Schmincke palette. PG7 has been one of my least favorite shades of green, but everyone seems to love it so much. And… look how well it plays with others! (To be honest, I’m starting to kind of like this Schmincke one, even on its own.) I can see why it is a staple on so many palettes.  And probably will become a favorite of mine as well. Definitely in a limited palette, anyway, without the lovely convenience greens I enjoy so much. You can make pretty much any green out of this… bright, muted, deep… Although nothing granulates like Daniel Smith’s green apatite genuine, today phthalo green may have won me over.






One thought on “playing with phthalo green

  1. I love Phthalo Green (PG7) – I have the Winsor & Newton version which is called Winsor Green Blue Shade (a whole pan for my paint box) and I have just ordered the Daniel Smith version which is Phthalo Green Blue Shade (15ml tube) too. It mixes with blues to create the most stunning shades of turquoise! I love your colour experiments Holly – mixing colours is so much fun and the best way to learn about colour!

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