Day 22, 30×30 direct watercolor challenge: Jay Lee hydrangeas

A fun tutorial by Jay Lee (on youtube) These remind me of Iraville’s style (also youtube). This took longer than you’d guess!! Schmincke paint, in my Strathmore 400 series 5×8 watercolor journal. I like this sketch a lot.



Day 22: three painted images

I saved the best for last (in my opinion.) So read all the way through.

I colored in one of Day 21’s¬†drawings. It wasn’t my favorite drawing, and I think it does look better with color. Maybe? I learned today that the pink salt in my grinder doesn’t lift paint the same as our regular table salt. Because of the type of salt? I doubt it. I suspect it was just ground too fine. Hard to remove once dried. I had to scrape it off. But I still like what it did in the background. Also, I tried the masking fluid and really liked it. Dipped my brush in soap first, and had no trouble removing the fluid from the brush afterwards.

I did this dandelion a few days ago and didn’t like it enough to post it. But that’s the wrong attitude!

And the bird was yesterday. I copied a page from my devotional (thanks, Rachael!!) but mine ended up bloodied looking, and his beak, oh poor guy. But even with his faults, I love him. He’s better than I thought I’d do. I gotta learn to do it without COPYING.img_3314

PS: I’ve now finished two full art journals!!! (well, sketch books) A huge accomplishment for me. I generally do a few pages, and put it aside. To fill up two (even small) books makes me feel really good.