day 69: (fri 3/10) new paper, new paint!!

So today I’m working on new paper – WHICH I LOVE!! Yeah, paper makes a big difference, it turns out. I’m not suddenly a better painter. But it is more satisfying to use, that’s for certain. I’m using a “windsor & newton artist’s watercolor paper” spiral bound pad, 140 lb (so nice and thick), cold pressed (which means the surface will be textured… hot pressed makes it smooth), made from 100% cotton. It’s only 12 sheets, so it is more expensive than my canon xl pad. And they are both 140 lb, but this one just feels better. And the water loves it! I’m ordering more. (I got these at Jerry’s Artarama, see link)


I’m also using new M Graham watercolor paints. (Oooh, I love them.) I received two in this month’s Artsnacks subscription box, which really surprised me, because I had just decided after much heart wrenching research and deep anguish to invest in those, and had ordered four on my own. So now I have five. I know, that math is off. I’m not great at math, but I am better than THAT. Of the two I received in my subscription box, one is white, which I don’t really count as a color in my palette, although I’ll probably use it sometime.


I purchased the paints and an Artbin slimline magnetic palette at (see links). The palette is just what I wanted, and it only cost $6.50! It holds up to 18 one inch square pans to hold the paints, which are purchased separately at under 50 cents each, and is magnetic to hold them in place (it can be used without the pans for pins, cutting blades, etc, if preferred). Typical watercolor sets come with very tiny half pans. Deep but small, and I want more room for bigger brushes, or for mixing in the wells. Even full pans aren’t very large (although they are deeper) These pans are quite shallow, but large enough for bigger brushes. And you can mix paints in the clear lid, if desired (I much prefer using my ceramic dishes to plastic, though) The only way it could be better is if the pans were deeper.

So I have (from the bottom up) ultramarine, hansa yellow, quinacridone rose, scarlet pyrrol, and terra rosa. And besides those five colors, look what I can do just playing around:


Quite a nice, emotional, earthy bunch, huh? Very rich. I only really want another blue and yellow, or two, and a red, and I will have a huge palette. And with just those colors I have now, I painted my flower…


I’m one of those irritating people never satisfied with less. But I’m finding less is better as far as my color choices.



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