Day 12, 30×30 direct watercolor painting challenge: hydrangeas-using plastic wrap for texture

For this technique, you want your paper pretty wet.


I dab in the color where I want it, then crumple the plastic wrap and lay it on top of the wet area, and push it down… you can slide it around a bit to adjust the texture… don’t smear it all around, but you can move it or reposition it. Press down a bit and leave it to dry.




This time I used mostly Daniel Smith Green Apatite Genuine (amazing granulation), Undersea Green, Quinacridone Rose, and Schmincke Potter’s Pink. I wish I had used something deeper than the Rose. I have some Schmincke colors I think I would have liked better.

After it has dried (I left this about an hour) remove the plastic.


Add more layers if you want to… Here I tried to add a bit more definition to the pink flowers without adding much actual detail. I like the pink and green blossoms, but I will try a larger paper next time, so I can add some of the large leaves, too.






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